Holiday Hops 2020 Episode 2: Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout + Lindeman’s Framboise


It’s finally Christmas! Well, okay it’s actually 2-4-1 Tuesday, but ’round these parts that’s about as close to Christmas as it gets. In Holiday Hops Episode 2, things get a little crazy thanks to some clever mixology from Matt at Rhizome Productions.

First on the docket is the Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout. If you can believe it, this British beer is brewed with water from the same well that the founders dug in 1758. Chocolate has long been a favorite stout flavor, as the sweet cocoa offsets the bitter hops. This beer’s smooth and creamy character makes it a perfect holiday brew.

Next up is a Lindeman’s Framboise. This one requires a little education. It’s a Lambic beer, which means it’s brewed with fruits and vegetables that give the beer it’s signature flavor instead of relying on hops. The Lindeman’s Framboise is a raspberry Lambic, but it’s not as sweet as the deep purple color might suggest. This brew is the perfect compromise between cider drinkers and IPA lovers.

Now, it’s about to get weird – but a good weird! If you’re as adventurous as Matt, it’s time for a little beer mixology. Since chocolate covered raspberries are so delicious, it seemed perfectly logical to go 50/50 with these two beers in a glass! Check out the full video below to see how it turned out!

Tune in every day at 6:30am or for the replay at 6:30pm to see what Lipman Brothers and Rhizome Productions are brewing up next!