Holiday Hops 2020 Episode 7: I Believe In Santa Peppermint Porter


Everyone knows that at Lightning 100, we believe in Nashville. But did you know we believe in Santa too? Okay, so maybe we just really like the “I Believe In Santa Peppermint Porter,” a beer the big man himself would approve of. In Holiday Hops 2020 Episode 7, Matt shows off this bold peppermint brew that brings back memories of candy canes.

Brewed up by the I Believe Brewing Company, this one is close to home for Nashvillians. Right off the bat, you can’t miss the iconic artwork subtly altered to match the holiday seasons. When you crack this one open, you’ll instantly be hit by the strong peppermint smell – but don’t write this one off as a one trick pony. Notes of chocolate and roasted nuts quickly follow, making this a perfect holiday brew.