Holiday Hops 2021 Episode 8: Einstok – Icelandic Winter Ale

Einstock - Icelandic Winter Ale
Einstock - Icelandic Winter Ale

Hoppy Wednesday, friends! Today, DJ Jayson and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff enjoy an Icelandic Winter Ale by Iceland-based brewer Einstok. Matt Leff describes this one as a “delicious beer that warms you up inside.” 

Icelandic Winter Ale is Einstok’s seasonal winter ale which comes in at 8% ABV and is made with ingredients native to the nation. The flavor palette features smoked Icelandic barley and Icelandic spruce tips. It’s a very aromatic brew with a smokey hint that comes from the spices. Matt Leff compares the sensation of the sip to that of a whiskey due to the ale’s smokey, rich flavor. 

You can find Einstok’s Icelandic Winter Ale at some of the finer beer retailers in the Nashville area. It’s available in six packs of 11.2 oz cans. You may also see it on draft around town. Be sure to give it a taste wherever and whenever you get the chance, and check out the full episode featuring Icelandic Winter Ale on Soundcloud below: 

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