Hoptober 2021 Day 5: Stone & Deschutes Brewery-Let’s Bee Homies

Let's Bee Homies

It’s day five of Hoptober and things are brewing along nicely! Let’s Bee Homies is the focus for Matt and Jayson for the finale of week 1. Brought to your pints from Stone and Deschutes Brewery, this hazy IPA is a must-try! Despite the two breweries having home bases on near-opposite ends of the west coast, the results of their collaboration are so seamless that one could think they’re neighbors!

Let's Bee Homies

Altogether consisting of equal parts Oregon blackberry honey and California orange blossom honey, this refreshing brew closes with notes of sweet honey and citrus. With a quick quirky greeting of “Hoppy Friday”, Matt Leff reiterates just how novel Let’s Bee Homies is. Just check out the episode below!

It can be difficult on occasion to like a certain style of beer. However, coupling a beer with the right food can often change someone’s mind for the better! IPA’s carry intense scents of citrus fruits, tropical fruits, pine resin, and fresh-cut herbs. Because hazy IPAs are notably less bitter, they’re better pairing with similarly fruity food. Let’s Bee Homies has an ABV of 7.5%, it’s packaged in 16oz cans, bottles, and available on draft. A craft beer ‘crosspollination’, this brew is available across the nation!

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