Becca Mancari Drops In Before Performance at Musician’s Corner


Written By: Chloe Hopper

Last Friday, Lt. Dan Buckley had the chance to talk with Becca Mancari before her performance with a full band at Musician’s Corner in Centennial Park. On guitar was Juan Solorzano, who Becca believes is the best guitar player in Nashville, along with Duncan Shea on bass and Nathan Wahlman on drums. (Fun Fact: Becca was called in to perform last minute with Jim Lauderdale during last year’s season!)

Becca is currently working on a new record with Zach Farro of Paramore and HalfNoise. After her recent engagement, Becca acknowledged that these milestones have contributed to her personal growth and make this upcoming album very personal. Becca’s life experiences are the driving force in her songwriting. When she collaborates with Zach, he can influence the sound while keeping the essence of her stories alive. While performing solo in the studio she showcased two of her new songs “First Time” and “Annie.” Both of which will be featured on her upcoming record expected to released in 2020.

You can listen to the full interview with Becca Mancari and her live in-studio performances of her new songs below.