Beaman Park: Community Corner

Beaman Park
Beaman Park

This week on Community Corner we talked with Heather Gallagher who is the director at the Beaman Park Nature Center.

On the outskirts of Metro Nashville, Beaman Park is Nashville’s second largest park with more than 16-miles of hiking trails. The park has continued to grow since being formed in the 90’s through community and love. Currently in bloom, this park has a number of activities and experiences for both families and adults. Whether you enjoy hiking, birdwatching, or simply looking at the beautiful wild flowers, the park has something for you.

This summer the park is featuring a number of different programs for people of all ages. In the Henry Creek you can look for different reptiles and fish every Saturday. In addition, every Saturday from 9-11 at the nature center you can learn more about a highlighted group of animals within the park. Notably, on May 27th friends and families can join together to picnic and listen to music at the newly restored Proctor Barn. You can see a full calendar of events on their Facebook page or website!

There is also a number of different volunteer opportunities for those interested. These opportunities include working on trails, parking cars at events, or simply just making sure a campfire is kindled. If you are interested, you can look at their full list of volunteer events here.

Listen to the full Community Corner episode below to learn more about Beaman Park!