Equal Access – Community Corner


Today on Community Corner we talked to Tiffany Provenzano, a Director of Equal Access.

Equal Access is a program that works to lift underrepresented voices in the country music scene. The program works to recognize voices from minority groups including latinx, black, and the LGBT+ communities. It was founded by the CEO of mtheory Cameo Carlson who was troubled at the lack of minority representation in the Country music scene. The program creates a cohort that consists of three artists: Angie K, Camille Parker, and Denitia, as well as three artist managers: Ahsaki LaFrance Chachere, Roberto Martinez, and Alex Evelyn. To support the cohort, Equal Access provides them with upwards of $25,000 to cover the exorbitant costs of being a country artist.

You can support Equal Access in a number of ways. The most viable option is through direct donations. You can also donate through Nashville Music Equality. Nashville Music Equality is serving as the fiscal sponsor of Equal Access. You can also reach out to Tiffany Provenzano directly at [email protected].

Be sure to check out the link below to listen to this week’s Community Corner! Also be sure to check out Equal Access at equalaccessmusic.com.