Greater Nashville Music Census – Community Corner


On this episode of Community Corner, Dan Buckley talks with Chris Cobb, president of Music Venue Alliance Nashville, about the Greater Nashville Music Census. 

Music Venue Alliance Nashville represents over 15 independent music venues in Nashville. The Greater Nashville Music Census opened on March 1, and Cobb encourages all industry professionals, students and creatives to take it. Anyone 18 or older who lives in Nashville’s surrounding counties is eligible. The census takes an average of 13 minutes to complete, and its questions focus on people’s experiences in the industry roles they identify with.

Cobb aims to break census records in other cities like Austin by getting more Nashville residents to take part. Receiving many responses will provide an accurate representation of the industry members’ perspectives. Responses will be taken directly to policymakers to effectively represent the Nashville community and encourage change. 

Change becomes possible when we join together and share our experiences! Visit to learn more, and take part by completing the Greater Nashville Music Census. For more information about Music Venue Alliance Nashville, visit

Listen to the full conversation below!