Harpeth Conservancy – Community Corner


On this episode of Community Corner, Dan Buckley talks with Dr. Ryan Jackwood and Jess Martin from Harpeth Conservancy.

Harpeth Conservancy has promoted clean water and healthy ecosystems in Tennessee’s rivers since 1999. Team members collect water samples and look at critters along riverbanks to maintain river health and prevent pollution.

The organization fights pollution to not only clean up our rivers but protect human health.

As summer approaches, many Tennesseans are gearing up to spend long days near the river. Harpeth Conservancy’s latest development will ensure that Tennessee’s river water is safe for recreation.

The science-based organization developed a predictive model to evaluate river water quality after four years of data collection. By acting similarly to a weather forecast, the prototype will let Tennessee residents know when it’s safest to get in the water.

Harpeth Conservancy will make this resource available at a Richmond Creek clean-up during the Water Watch Program on June 8.

To learn more about Harpeth Conservancy, click here. To get involved in the mission, click here.

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