Mother To Mother: Community Corner

Mother To Mother

Mother’s Day might be a while off for now but Mother To Mother is giving back to local moms every day! Our Community Corner for this week is all about our Nashville moms!

Mother To Mother works to provide vital health, safety and wellness items for infants and children in need. With the help and coordination of volunteers, social workers, nurses, social service agencies and local hospitals. This non-profit is giving gifts to moms every day!

Mother To Mother Community

Initially founded by Janie Busbee in 2004, she saw the opportunity to connect local volunteers to caseworkers and healthcare professionals. In the words of Ms. Busbee herself, “We saw the needs that case workers and hospital nurses have when parents don’t have the basic items necessary to care for a child.” Busbee continues, “We knew there were people out there who would want to help, but maybe didn’t know how. So we created Mother To Mother to be the conduit between moms who want to help and moms who need it.”

Mother to Mother distributes diapers, car seats, clothes, cribs, strollers, products, gear, and other essential baby items to low- income children ages 0-10. In fact, this great non-profit has got even greater numbers from just as recent as this year alone!

Mother To Mother 2021 Impact:

386,944 Children served.

4.1 Million diapers distributed.

7,264 Car seats installed.

8,832 Pack N Play/ cribs distributed.

Overall, Mother To Mother has loads of ways that you yourself can get involved! You can go to their website here, and make a quick donation to help them reach their fundraising goals for the year. Let’s work together to provide, nurture, and thrive!

Join in on the sound of service! you can check out more volunteer opportunities right here on our Community Corner page!