Nashville Tree Foundation: Community Corner

Nashville Tree Foundation

The Nashville Tree Foundation (NTF) is the focus for this week’s Community Corner! Since planting season kicked off at the beginning of this month, the foundation has been in high gear planting and preserving our local trees! The NTF has continued its success in keeping enthusiasm alive for Nashville’s trees since 1986. In 2020 alone, despite pandemic difficulties, the foundation maintained its positive impact on the local community. The NTF’s productive numbers from 2020 and years past have set the foundation for another impactful and volunteer-filled year!

Nashville Tree Foundation in 2020 by the numbers:

  • 52 trees planted over MLK weekend at three schools in east Nashville.
  • 37 trees planted for TN School for the Blind and Hickman Elementary School in Donelson over President’s weekend.
  • Over 1,000 trees donated to residents of Davidson County.
Nashville Tree Foundation

Tree planting season runs from October to April each year. During planting season, the NTF hosts different tree planting events at public and private sites throughout Davidson County. Luckily, October is right around the corner! If you’re looking for a reason to get outside before it gets too cold, you can register here to participate in the next planting event. The Nashville Tree Foundation also coordinates with Hands On Nashville to advertise upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Check out either of the above-mentioned sites if you’re looking to increase your community connection! If planting trees just isn’t quite your thing, you can also volunteer at their tree giveaway booth! Check out Hands On Nashville, or the NTF website to see future dates for the giveaway booth and planting events.

Join in on the sound of service, you can check out more volunteer opportunities right here on our Community Corner page!