Edwin McCain performing “I’ll Be” and “Tiny Hand Print” [audio]


20 years ago today, Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard chart. This afternoon, Lightning 100 listeners and staff sang along to every word. “It was like a winning lottery ticket”, McCain says of the timeless international success (apparently, an unofficial “anthem” of the Philippines), and he never gets tired of playing it. The interview with Annie was full of self-deprecating humor and heartfelt humility. He tweeted earlier that his three kids “came close to being called Radio, Lightning and 100!”. McCain also played an unreleased song, “Tiny Hand Print”, about finding his daughter’s handprint on the wall of their home and deciding not to move. Check out his new music on the I’ll Be album, released in May.

Written by Taylor John

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin I was raised on the Motown sound on my dad’s side and classic 70s singer/songwriters on my mom’s side. Alternative/indie rock got me through college and I also gained an affinity for French pop and dance music from living in Europe in the early aughts. I love all music – country and rap included – and am especially fond of jangly guitars and fist-pumping anthems that make you run out to the dance floor. I’ve been a weekend DJ for Lightning 100 since the fall of 2016 and still pinch myself every time I go into the recording booth! Having been a fan of WRLT since moving to Nashville in 2005, this is a dream gig at a station staffed by some of the kindest, most thoughtful, badass get-er-done music fans I’ve ever met. I also founded and operate the first downtown kayak outfitter in Nashville, River Queen Voyages. It’s a perfect match for outdoor adventures with Team Lightning and together we partner to create unforgettable experiences paddling into the city to see the famous Nashville skyline. You can also find me around town at Lightning 100 live music events hosting or DJing – come say hi! I believe in the power of music to lift us up, connect with each other, and create the soundtrack to our lives.