Half Moon Run Live In-Studio


Half Moon Run got up bright and early today (10/9/2019) to make your morning drive easier. They pack into our studio to meet Annie, the Lightning River Queen and play some songs for us. Sandwiched between performances, they discuss their highly anticipated album, A Blemish In The Great Light.

Devon, Dylan, Conner, and Isaac are gearing up for our show tonight at Exit In with new friend, Tim Baker. They warm up live on air with their latest single, “Flesh and Blood.”

Flesh and Blood Official Music Video

This new track is a breath of fresh air for their fans, as they’ve been holding their breath for new music since 2015. It’s finally time to exhale and learn a valuable lesson of love and self-love from this great new single.

Before bringing us back to the song where it all began, they discussed with our river royalty how their next album came about. They speak about writing these songs as if they’re dancing pizza dough: “I’m gonna bring in a little idea. And then we’ll just collaborate on it and work with it- we massage it till it’s nice, and loose, and groovy. ” This album is due to pop out of the oven on November 1st, and we can’t wait to dig in while it’s hot.

The gang packs up their equipment for Exit In, but before they do, they bring us Full Circle. The very hit that jump-started their career back in 2012 is just as good as you remember.

If you have to miss out on our show tonight, you can still listen to their full performance/ interview below. By clicking here, you can laugh along as they get tangled up in our studio, learn about their Nashville debut, and more.

If you couldn’t win your way into tonight’s show on-air today, it’s not to late to buy your tickets! You will not want to miss Lightning 100 Presents: Half Moon Run at Exit In. Tickets are available for purchase here.

Written By: Delaney Fanning


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