Hoptober 2022 Day 6: Monday Night Brewing — Oktoberfest


To celebrate a fantastic Monday, DJ Stephanie and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff present you with a selection from Monday Night Brewing for today’s Hoptober segment. Yet another fantastic rendition of the classic German Oktoberfest märzen, Monday Night Brewing’s Oktoberfest beer brings all the sweet malty flavor of Munich to the bars and shelves of Nashville. Monday Night Brewing nails the dark atmosphere of the Oktoberfest märzen, and the beer still manages to weigh on on the lighter side with only 5.4% ABV.

Available at Monday Night Brewing’s Germantown taproom, the seasonal Oktoberfest märzen presents a perfect excuse to go out and experience the taproom’s newly renovated space. Additionally, if you are in the mood to try out even more craft beer in a great local environment, check out the 12 South Jamboree, featuring music, food trucks, and beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for the next three Saturdays in Sevier Park.

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