Lucie Silvas Playing Kite and Black Jeans [audio]


Lucie Silvas was in the Lightning 100 studio this past week hanging out with Jayson on the morning show. Lucie recently played Lightning 100’s New Sounds of Nashville show with Briston Maroney and friends at Exit/In.

Lucie spoke with us about her songwriting process. She steers her songs from where she feels the most comfortable, at the bench of her piano. Just simply talking about life with other artists when co-writing can inspire a whole new meaning behind songs she works on.

Since moving to Nashville, she has switched her style of writing from primary melody based writing to a lyrically driven creation process. With musical influences such as The Beach Boys and The Carpenters, Silvas began writing at the age of 8 years old. Songwriting was largely influenced and encouraged at a young age from the vast vinyl collection her parents surrounded her with.

Written By Emily O’Toole