Molly Tuttle performs “Messed With My Mind” and “Light Came In (Power Went Out)” live on Lightning 100 [audio]


Molly Tuttle, the gifted multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, is back and better than ever. Tonight Tuttle will play The Basement East to celebrate the release of her first full-length LP, “When You’re Ready,” her first since the 2017 EP “Rise.” Tuttle’s debut effort features the beautiful Americana/Bluegrass tinged melodies and accouterment that the Nashville-based songwriter has become known for. Stopping by the Lightning 100 studio ahead of tonight’s show, Tuttle chatted with Jayson and Adam about the new album and performed “Messed With My Mind” and “Light Came In (Power Went Out).”

Listen to the full performance and make sure to head to The Basement East tonight at 8 p.m. to catch Tuttle’s release show!