The Roosevelts – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night on 7/10/16


3rd and Lindsley hosted a packed room early on at Lightning 100’s last Nashville Sunday Night. The Roosevelts have clearly been rising in popularity, with the success of their upbeat and vibrant single “Peaches.” Their newest album, The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn, is a collection of colorfully expressive songs that highlights their talent as artists and performers.

Their vocal harmonies are the forefront of their musical prowess, combined with their extremely dynamic performance, makes them a Southern-rock force to reckon with. The Roosevelts will certainly catch your eyes and ears. While Jason Kloess utilizes an electric guitar and a mandolin within the same song, James Mason will be jumping from stage left to stage right. They are an energetic, genuine, and utterly infectious. Their stardom will certainly grow here in Nashville.