Saturday at Bonnaroo 2019


Ruston Kelly

Singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly joins us at Bonnaroo to discuss his career and why this years Bonnaroo is different than the last. Kelly touches on topics ranging from what it’s like touring with his dad and his upcoming festival dates, Ruston is quite the character. Don’t forget to check out the full interview and listen to his music on Lightning 100.

Paul McDonald

Kicking off a day of interviews on Saturday morning, Paul McDonald joins Jayson backstage at Bonnaroo. Making his return to the Bonnaroo stage since playing in 2014, McDonald will play a round out at the Ville. He sits down to talk about everything from working on his new album, reminiscing about his days as a new artist, and what his favorite Bonnaroo sets from past lineups & present. Check out the full interview audio below. 

Honey Harper

Honey Harper joins Jayson backstage at Bonnaroo. Being a first time attendee and performer, we get his first impressions of the farm and what he’s looking forward to. Originally from Atlanta, the multi-talented singer moved his life to London to be closer to his wife. It took him moving away from the south to begin writing and recording country music.

Bre Kennedy

Jayson is joined by Bre Kennedy backstage at Bonnaroo. Being a first time performer, she talks taking the stage at the Ville later that day and discussed her upcoming debut EP titled “Jealous of Birds”. Bre will also be competing in Lightning 100’s Play at Pilgrimage July 10th at the 5 Spot. Keep a lookout for her upcoming EP and support her efforts in competing for a chance to play Pilgrimage Fest by coming out to the 5 Spot every Wednesday starting in July.

Chris Vos (of The Record Company)

Chris Vos from the band The Record Company joins Jayson at Bonnaroo on 615 day. Chris comes in to talk about the record company’s latest album All of this Life and the early sounds the band went through to get to this point in their career. Chris also digs into the bands’ songwriting process and what he finds necessary to write in the first place.

Kelsey Waldon

Country artist Kelsey Waldon hops into our Bonnaroo studio. Waldon joins us after a very eventful year of creating a new album, playing the Grand Ole Opry for the first time, and even signing a new record deal with Oh Boy Records. Hear about all of this and more below.

Republican Hair

Luke from Republican Hair stops by our make-shift studio in Plaza 7. Luke discussed his new song “clickbait” and what the process was like to record. They also dive into what the Nashville music scene means to him and the friends he’s excited to see perform that day. Listen to all this and more below.

Illiterate Light

Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran, who make up the indie rock group Illiterate Light, join us in the studio at Bonnaroo. Ten years after Jake’s first Bonnaroo experience, the duo discuss how the festival has changed and what they are excited to see this year around. Growing up listening to rock and pop-punk, the duo talk about their desire for a pop-punk revival at the farm. If you didn’t catch them at Bonnaroo, they will be playing Lightning 100’s Live on the Green Friday August, 30th at 5:15pm. Listen to the full interview below and make sure to come out to Live on the Green to see them live.

Written By Ruben Franco