The Catio: Community Corner


On this week’s episode of Community Corner, we’re speaking with Genevra Thurman from The Catio.

Their lively cat lounge and adoption center, The Catio, is situated in Music Valley Village near The Opryland Hotel. Their main goal is to offer a safe haven to rescued cats while also providing a delightful and cheerful atmosphere for our potential adopters. At The Catio, they work closely with Nashville Cat Rescue to rescue all of our feline residents, including kittens. During “kitty time” and other various events, the kittens enjoy socializing with guests. This opportunity enables the cats to showcase their unique personalities and traits, helping them find a forever home.

In this episode, Genevra goes into detail about the inter-workings of cat rescue and the impactful community at The Catio. Listen to the full episode down below!