The Roosevelts – Full set at Nashville Sunday Night On 11/1/15


The Roosevelts“It’s rock – with some mandolin.” 

Though it’s virtually impossible to classify the thoroughly unique entity that is The Roosevelts, this statement by guitarist Jason Kloess certainly tells part of the story. As one half of the electric duo along with singer James Mason, the two brothers in song – not blood, though maybe beards – have been playing together for years and cultivating a sound that’s a little indie-folk, a little bit alt-country, and little bit pop-rock. Most importantly, it’s just heartfelt, genuine music that belongs to them alone, not any genre. 

Kloess and Mason bonded in Austin over a mutual love of the same influences: the songwriting of James Taylor, the lyricism of Ryan Adams, the heartfelt soul of Joe Cocker. Their collection of songs showcases their strengths as a unit with sweetly infectious refrains that could fill living rooms just as easily as stadiums. 

The band has built a devoted fan base – one they make sure to chat with on a first-name basis out in the crowd as much as from the stage. For their fans, the healing comes in the music – cathartic, joyful, full of life and light. It’s unique, it’s The Roosevelts, it’s rock – with some mandolin.

Nashville Sunday Night is a special presentation of Nashville’s Independent Radio, Lightning 100. Each Sunday night Lightning 100 broadcasts a concert from 3rd and Lindsley, one of Nashville’s finest live music venues. November 1, 2015 featured The Roosevelt’s opening up for The Wind and the Wave. This show was the kickoff for our Birthday Week, celebrating 25 years as Lightning 100.