the615: Episode 179


Local Artist of the Week:
Natural Forces – Animal (Official Music Video)

DJ Pick:
Neal Carpenter – Line In The Sand (Neil Carpenter Introduction)

Despite moving to East Nashville to pursue music in 2007, Neal Carpenter didn’t release his debut album until October of 2014. However, his record entitled Good Guys just goes to show that good things are worth waiting for. After paying his dues writing music on music row, Neal spent a year working on his own album which, as he put it “Is all about re-discovering who I am as an artist and taking chances thematically and musically I didn’t have the courage to until now.  My only goal for the last year has been to do things I’m afraid of doing.”

This Just In:
Griffin House – Paris Calling
Stella James – Red Flag
Michael McQuaid – Vibes
Love + War – Work It Out

Bands Around Town:
Chapels – Strangers
The Gills – Rubberband (Live Acoustic Version)
Oliver Ocean – Wrong Here
Jill Andrews – Get Up, Get On (Live at Audiotree)
Basecamp – Shudder
AJ & The Jiggawatts – Get Wild