the615: Episode 183


Happy New Year from Lightning 100! Tonight’s episode features some of our favorite local songs from 2015. See you next year!

This Just In:
Pretenders – “Space Invader”
My Politic – “Before It’s Too Late”
Edison & The Marathon – “Damascus”
Photo Ops – “Maybe We’ll Change”
Cassidy Ford – “Pick You Up”
Brandy Zdan – “Cut n Run”
Boom Forest – “Sliver Hair”
Liza Anne – “Take It Back”
Carey – “Smokin’ It”
Promised Land Sound – “She Takes Me There”
gardening, not architecture – “Stay The Course”
Ole Mossy Face – “Eye In The Sky”
Haunted Device – “And Then We Turned Into Ghosts”
Kid Freud – “Boston”
Turbo Fruits – “Gamble Tamble”