the615 – Episode: 250


This week on the615, Hammel flies solo on this episode featuring local artist Them Vibes. Check out Hammel’s DJ pick, Kellen of Troy‘s “Purple Tongue” off The Sad Bastard EP. We’ve also got The Pink Spiders with their brand new sinlge “Easier Than Ever”.

1 Electric Fever by Them Vibes

2 Purple Tongue by Kellen of Troy

3 I’m Not Your Man by Sammy Brue

4 Easier Than Ever by The Pink Spiders

5 Pike (live from Bonaroo) by Waker

6 No Aim by Blank Range

7 Over The Hill And Through The Woods by Lilly Mae

8 O Summer by Quichenight

9 Unsold by Bern Kelley

10 Going Places by DeRobert & The Half-Truths

11 Just Like A Dream by Bantug

12 3/4 TIME by Sam Lewis