the615 Playlist for 8/28/12


(Episode #8) #the615 Playlist for 8/28/12

Featured Guest: Rayland Baxter
Rayland Live:
The Mtn Song
Rayland’s pick:
The Kingston Spirngs- The Weight Of This World- The Vacation Time EP

This Just In:
Smoke & Jakal- No Tell- EP1
The Minor Keys- Save Me– FIn
Stephen Simmons- Kool In Nashville– The Big Show

Dj Picks:
Hammel: The Wans- I Like To Party- The Wans
Wells: Charlie- Love’s Like Whiskey– Dreaming

Bands About Town:
Roots of A Rebellion- Giving Tree- Inner Light EP-
8/28 Exit In, 8/29 Mercy Lounge, Live On The Green 9/20
HeyPenny- Cop Car
9/1 Mercy Lounge