Lt Dan at Bonnaroo 2009


Thursday is just about over. We are done for the day in the backstage recording and interview studio. We had six bands today and have twelve on tomorrows schedule. I will be back in the trailer by 10am. The internet has been a real bugger back here. Not sure how much I will post tomorrow. Did throw up the rest of the interviews on our ftp server and will put them on here for you to enjoy and share with your friends. I wish I could post the performances but am not allowed to. You can tune in tomorrow and all weekend for our Bonnaroo coverage. We are planning on doing updates once an hour. We have a lot of the Lightning 100 crew working here for the festival this weekend and it is a lot of fun as usual. Need to run so will throw some stuff up for your enjoyment. Please leave a comment if you like this…


Zac Brown Band

The Features

Toubab Krewe