Wild Belle interview at Pilgrimage Music And Culture Festival


wild-belle-at-pilgrimage-by-brian-waters-photography-1Siblings Natalie and Elliot Bergman make up Wild Belle, a psychedelic pop group out of Chicago. Wild Belle has recently seen huge success from their collaboration with Major Lazer on his record “Be Together.” This year, Wild Belle is opening for Band of Horses in November as well as touring a number of North American dates, including playing Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, TN this past weekend on September 24, 2016. Adam interviewed Natalie live on air at the festival, discussing Wild Belle’s unique sound as well as the track “Throw Down Your Guns” from their second studio album, Dreamland, released earlier this year.

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  1. Well, for what it’s worth, I left their show crazy disappointed & angry they chose not to play Throw Down Your Guns. Those weren’t any of the feelings she listed. Was this interview before or after their set? Really wonder if Adam didn’t piss her off by only talking about that one song by name (twice) and taking credit for making it his ‘DJ pick’. Even so, if that’s all it took talk to provoke a little petty payback, there’s bigger problems with handling success. If this was afterwards, he really should have asked WHY they didn’t play it, considering how much importance he gives it. It’s not like they have a huge catalog of hits. Maybe they were pissed at all the overlapping sets, same as Cake, and took it out on the fans? That would be kinda childish. Can’t see going to a show of theirs in the future, now. They’re too unpredictable.

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