Zoom Interview: Tame Impala


In another universe, Kevin Parker (the mastermind behind Tame Impala) would be touring the United States this fall, making pitstops at radio stations across the country. Still, with a few virtual performances under his belt already, physical distance wasn’t going to stop him from chatting with us about his recent album The Slow Rush, released earlier this year in February.

First let me say that I wish this interview could have been an hour long. As a fan myself, I’ve recently listened to Kevin talk on a variety of podcasts and other programs, and even after the long segments I’m always hungry for more insights into the musical decision making that takes place in the studio during a Tame Impala recording session. Still, in just a short amount of time we covered album art, re-working songs for virtual live performances, how song meanings can change over time, and how Travis Scott has influenced Kevin’s tolerance for really (REALLY) loud music.

You’ve heard “It Might Be Time,” “Is It True,” and “Lost In Yesterday” on Lightning 100, but that means you still have nine more songs to check out! So go grab a copy today from your local record store!

Listen to the full interview below: