B.T.R.C. On Air – July 2020 Records of the Month

Blind Tiger Record Company

Lightning 100 is excited to present Blind Tiger Record Club On Air every other Monday following the615. Starting at 8 pm, you will hear B.T.R.C. founder, David W. Williams, and Product Manager, Rudy Newman, discuss albums released on vinyl each month. B.T.R.C. champions music from all genres and believes vinyl is king. It’s a great way to be in-the-know about newly released music. Check out their records of the month, spotlight albums, new store additions, and more at BlindTigerRecordClub.com

July’s debut episode features four albums from their four keystone genres: Singer-Songwriter, Rock & Alternative, Jazz Soul & Blues, and Classic Rock. 

Williams and Newman start the episode off by dropping the needle on Phoebe Bridgers’ newest vinyl, Punisher. Listeners got a short and sweet clip of this singer-songwriter’s angelic voice on her second album. In just one short month, Punisher has become demandingly popular in the U.S. and overseas––further justifying their selection in July’s Records of the Month.

For their Rock & Alternative vinyl pick, B.T.R.C. features Floor It!!! On this record, The Texas Gentlemen collaborated with other Lightning 100 favorites from Texas- Leon Bridges and Nikki Lane. This combo captures 60’s/70’s rock perfectly, but according to Williams, “swirls” soul, jazz, funk, “and pretty much everything” into their sound. 

This month’s Jazz, Soul & Blues feature is Khruangbin’s Mordechai. Their name is a Thai word that translates to “airplane” which, according to Newman, describes how their sound melds all types of cultures and influences. Khruangbin first came into B.T.R.C.’s radar when they released an EP with Leon Bridges back in March. Williams and Newman agree that it’s rare for a band to be featured twice in the same year, so all the more reason to check them out! 

July’s Classic Rock feature is Ted Nugent’s Free-For-All. The album was the musician’s second release back in 1976 and set him up for worldwide fame. Free-For-All is his first album to reach platinum and now sits at double platinum. Almost 45 years old, and this record is still a classic to be celebrated and featured on vinyl today.

If you missed tonight’s episode, don’t worry! You can listen below or wherever you listen to podcasts. Mark your calendars for August 3rd to catch their August picks, you don’t want to miss these music must-haves! To sign up for the record club and receive vinyl shipped to your door each month, click here.

“On Air” is proudly sponsored by World Vision!  Go to BlindTigerRecordClub.com/worldvision and find out how you can be a part of COVID -19 relief in the U.S. and abroad.

Written by Cate Burgan