BTRC On Air: October 2020 Records of the Month


Lightning 100 is excited to present Blind Tiger Record Club On Air every other Monday following the615. Starting at 8 pm, you will hear B.T.R.C. founder, David W. Williams, and Product Manager, Rudy Newman, discuss albums released on vinyl each month. BTRC champions music from all genres and believes vinyl is king. It’s a great way to be in-the-know about new music. Check out their records of the month, spotlight albums, new store additions, and more at

This week’s episode features four albums from their four keystone genres: Singer-Songwriter, Rock & Alternative, Jazz Soul & Blues, and Classic Rock. 

Singer-Songwriter (DawesGood Luck With Whatever)

Dawes is one of the few bands that get a second Blind Tiger feature! So if you haven’t heard one of their previous 6 projects, Good Luck With Whatever is a great place to start. This album was produced by the king of Nashville, Dave Cobb. Because of Cobb’s work, BTRC believes Good Luck With Whatever sounds extremely polished and will chart favorably on Billboard.

Although Cobb’s work is effortlessly present, Good Luck With Whatever still has all the parts & pieces of a Dawes album. With sonic adjustments to quintessential Dawes like adding bluesy guitars, this record keeps the fans on their toes! Get a taste of this album on our Lightning 100 with “Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?” Then grab the full album in an exclusive marble yellow pressing from Blind Tiger!

Rock & Alternative (Delta SpiritWhat is There)

Delta Spirit is back! After 6 years, the band got the time they needed to continue making the music we know and love. Front-man Matthew Vasquez used this time to put out 3 solo records and collaborate with other artists. Listen to the full podcast to catch an earful of some of your favorite artists that he works with!

As they introduce the club to What is There, they play “It Ain’t Easy,” a song we love spinning on the air! Opposed to previous Delta Spirit albums, this one has a more electronic sound that sells their indie-rock/ Americana influence. While the lyrics approach dark topics, the sound incorporates more pop which casts enough light to provide a fresh contrast. This album brings what many have coined as “emo-arena-rock,” but what do you think? Get the member-exclusive marble pressing for your listening pleasure and let us know!

Jazz Soul & Blues (The War & TreatyHearts Town)

Husband & wife duo The War & Treaty took the Americana world by storm in 2017, and this is a band we can’t get enough of! You may have heard “5 More Minutes” on Lightning 100, but BTRC takes the time to spell out the story behind this single. Tanya Trotter always delivers an amazing vocal performance, but the passion behind her voice has never been more evident. Listen to the podcast to find out why, you’ll appreciate the song on a whole new level.

Hearts Town tastefully blends rock, gospel, soul, and blues genres under Buddy Miller’s direction. In this album, there’s something for everyone. Grab a copy signed by the Trotter’s from Blind Tiger, and take it all in. This album is like a warm hug, it’s something we all need in 2020.

Classic Rock – (David BowieYoung Americans)

Young Americans was David Bowie’s break-thru in America and it was released on March 7th, 1975. This album marks a change in his music as he went from glam-rock to self-described “plastic” soul-rock. This was a big moment everywhere and people were eating it up, it charted at the top across the globe.

Listen to the Blind Tiger podcast to learn an in-depth history about the Bowie album that shaped rock leading into the 80’s. Then get this glamourous vinyl pressed in gold from Blind Tiger today! Young Americans is a staple in any vinyl collection, and luckily BTRC expanded shipping so you can join the club from anywhere in the world!