Alex Jordan “Saving Grace” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Alex Jordan

Dan’s DJ pick of the week is Alex Jordan’s “Saving Grace.” The song is the final single off of Jordan’s latest full-length release, Queen Kerosene.

Alex Jordan has spent the past decade hopping between underground indie bands as a session and touring musician, before branching into his own solo work in 2020, starting with The Subtle Exhibitionist. While that album was focused primarily on Jordan’s own personal interests and journeys, he returned earlier this year with Queen Kerosene, an album that is more wide-ranging and confident, both in musicianship and lyricism. Influenced by the impressively precise songwriting of Hayes Carll, as well as the jam-rock sound of classic Americana artists like Crosby Stills & Nash and JJ Cale, Queen Kerosene is a sprawling picture of American music across the ages, through the lens of a young, growing songwriter.

“Saving Grace” is a story of an imperfect lover trying to communicate in an imperfect relationship. The singer is trying to figure out what they might have said to cause a rift in the relationship, while also acknowledging that the dynamic between the couple was flawed itself. The chorus shows the singer looking for a way to make amends and continue their partnership, singing “Make it mean something that you took my hand/Give me my saving grace.” The song is an honest telling of how difficult love can 

Check out “Saving Grace” below!

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