Khruangbin “A Love International” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

A Love International Khruangbin
A Love International Khruangbin

Dan’s DJ Pick of the week features “A Love International” from Khruangbin. Be on the lookout for their upcoming studio album, “A LA SALA” (meaning “To the Room”), set to release on April 5th.

The trio hails from Houston, Texas, comprising Laura Lee Ochoa on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and DJ Johnson on drums. Renowned for their fusion of global music influences, including classic soul, dub, rock, and psychedelia. The band’s name in Thai translates to “airplane” or literarily, “Engine Fly,” drawing inspiration from Tarantino soundtracks and surf-rock cool. Khruangbin effortlessly integrates influences into their music while maintaining their own sound. These influences include Southeast Asian Psych from Luk Thung and Molam, to the folk music of Laos. All where funk rhythms play a crucial role. Their exploration extends to Peruvian Cumbia and Anatolian Rock, which blended traditional music with surf and psychedelic rock from the 60s. The genres brought a rock and roll twist to folk melodies from the Andes and Istanbul.

“A LA SALA” marks Khruangbin’s fourth studio album. Notably, this album is the band’s first full-length recording without additional collaborators. Speer explained their creative process as having a formula and not going outside of that box too much. They express a commitment to exploring the depths of their sound rather than expanding it outward.

“A Love International,” the first single, maintains Khruangbin’s trademark laidback vibe, featuring funky instrumentals. The song reinforces that this band sounds like no one but itself. Primarily instrumental, as is much of their music, expect this tune to inspire plenty of living room dancing with its dreamy melodies and grooving bassline. Following the drop of the lineup, make sure to catch Khruangbin at Bonnaroo this June.

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