Sheryl Crow “Evolution” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Sheryl Crow Alarm Clock

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Evolution” by Sheryl Crow!

“Evolution” is the title track off the legendary singer-songwriter’s latest full-length studio album, set to release on March 29. 

Sheryl Crow is a lasting powerhouse in the rock industry and an infamous artist for Lightning 100. With 10 studio album releases, Crow has garnered a career of longevity and undeniable influence.

Crow publicly said that her 2018 LP Threads would be her last full-length album, making the announcement of Evolution a warmly embraced surprise for fans.

Crow, notorious for producing her albums, handed Evolution over to Mike Elizondo, whose production enhances Crow’s masterful songwriting.

Singles “Alarm Clock” and “Evolution” are fresh pieces of art that still incorporate Crow’s classic, essential flair. Crow’s knack for authentically articulating her feelings is as sharp as ever, making Evolution a highly anticipated release.

“Evolution” is a stunning blend of everything Crow does best. The track features soaring choruses, impeccable lyrical clarity, and Crow’s iconic power vocals.

“Evolution” describes Crow’s anxieties about artificial intelligence. Crow questions how humanity will be affected and if AI will act as a “benevolent partner” to her goal of leaving behind a better world for her children.

Resonant electric guitar, groovy basslines, and crashing drums accompany Crow as she sings about searching for a solution. In the stripped down third verse, only an underlying guitar riff and Crow’s vocals are left behind.

Crow gently delivers the chilling line “No matter how well you can outdo me / There is one thing you will never do and it’s feel.” The band then joins back in for a cascading final chorus.

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album but in the meantime, we’ll have “Evolution” on repeat. 

Listen to “Evolution” below!

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