Sunday at Bonnaroo with Walk the Moon, The Lumineers, Daniella Mason, and more


Written By: Delaney Fanning

Sunday was the last day of 2019 Bonnaroo, and as it came to a close, we got to talk to some of our favorite artists about the festival.

Annie was awake bright and early, ready to start her day with Nadav Shapira and Robbie Wulfsohn from the funk-pop band, Ripe. Ripe has been around since 2011, and they talk about how this team formed out of Berklee in Boston, “the first thing anyone wants to do at music school is anything but music.” Despite this, the band began jamming at a college party one night, and the rest is history. Listen to this interview below to hear their journey between falling asleep as a college freshman and waking up at 25 playing Bonnaroo.

Annie continues her day on the farm and meets up with Nashville local, John Tucker. He moved here 2 years ago in pursuit of his dreams of writing. Since his arrival in East Nashville, he released his mixtape, “Nine,” a project inspired by hip-hop, pop, and soul. This project is a product of his experience after he made a move to Nashville, “I’ve just been on this journey of discovery, and it’s amazing,” he says.

Not only is this his first Bonnaroo, but it’s also his first time at a music festival. You can hear how his first music festival experience is treating him in the interview below. With his great talent and diverse musical influence, we see his career taking him to many more in the future.

Daniella Mason is a Nashville local who creates music that Annie describes as a “pop-sort-of-singer-songwriter-electro-vibe,” a description Daniella appreciated. You shouldn’t take our word for it though, and you can let her music speak for itself. Lightning 100 often features her awesome tunes on our weekly specialty show, The 615.

We were excited she had the time to share on the air what it was like to grow up with the Jonas Brothers, her 4-part project she’s working on, and more. We were able to grab that audio gold and leave it below for the internet to have forever. After you listen to her latest EP, Mental State, you should listen to her wholesome and inspirational interview where she shares its meaning.

The main thing I learned from this conversation is that there are only two kinds of people in the world; people who voted for Kris Allen, and people who voted for Adam Lambert. I remember dialing into 1-866-IDOLS-01 along with the majority of 100 million people that voted in the finale of American Idol’s 8th season.

In his interview with Annie in plaza 7, he reveals his American Idol experience and the difficulties of being thrown into the music business immediately following. After 10 years, he seems to be well adjusted and massively successful having songs like, “Live Like We’re Dying” grossing 12 million streams on Spotify alone.

If you were team Kris in 2009 like me, you are going to want to hear the full interview below.

Walk the Moon was just as enthusiastic in their greeting to Jesse on Sunday as we were to see them in our studio. Lead singer, Nick Pettrica described what it is like to play at Bonnaroo and enjoy the festival. He predicts, “Bonnaroo energy is gonna feed into something special.” Walk the Moon has slain the Bonnaroo stages before, but this one is far less chaotic than the past. Previous Bonnaroo experiences include traveling trauma and a wedding-induced time crunch. Despite this stress, this iconic pop-rock group never fails to put on a colorful and energetic set. The view from the Which stage is one you wouldn’t want to miss on the farm.

Check out their interview below to hear about their wonderful Roo experience and more!

Jesse got to catch up with Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah from The Lumineers on Sunday. From taking a 26-hour Greyhound in 2003, to bussing in a big-time tour bus, they’ve had some major Bonnaroo upgrades over the years. In conversation, he says, “Bonnaroo is really special to me, so the whole thing is kinda like a dream come true.”

There are big developments for this band, as they played the main stage at 6:15 on Sunday evening and more music on the way. In the interview, they reveal their songwriting influence and their plans for the next release. You can find out about all that and more right here:

Yeehaw! Jesse had the pleasure to end his big day at the farm with Faye Webster backstage at Bonnaroo after her hot set. If her excitability wasn’t clear with her grand “Yeehaw,” she says, “it was a beautiful experience, I’m happy to be here.”
In addition to Bonnaroo, Faye Webster has a lot more to be happy about (besides access to a shower later). While in her interview, she finds out from Jesse that her first headlining tour is selling out across the nation.

Listening to this interview will educate you about the best gems of Atlanta and the scope of yo-yo culture. It’s definitely worth your time, so check it out below.