Friday at Bonnaroo with Rival Sons, SOAK, The Teskey Brothers, and more!


By: Chloe Hopper

The Teskey Brothers

We were happy to see the before and at Bonnaroo The Teskey Brothers to talk about their performance earlier that day. They mentioned that Bonnaroo is such a fun festival to play because the crowd is always wild even early in the day. On August 2nd, the Teskey Brothers are releasing an album that was recorded all to analog in their home studio in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the full interview with the Teskey Brothers below!

Ida Mae

Husband and wife duo, Ida Mae, joined us at Bonnaroo to tell us about their album, Chasing Lights that just dropped. One interesting aspect of the album is that they tracked the whole record live straight to tape. Chris talked at that Chris is of Ida Mae is a major guitar geek. Chris talked about how he is a major guitar geek with Jason of Lightning 100. To hear more geeking out over guitars and stellar aspects of their new album listen to the interview below.


Bridie Monds-Watson of SOAK met with Annie to talk about SOAK’s advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, their sound, along with the tours they have planned and the ones they have been on this past year. Bridie defines SOAK’s sound as indie pop but mentioned there are elements of rock and other genres that they love to throw in as well. Born and raised in Derry, Ireland, Birdie discussed that Northern Ireland has yet to legalize same-sex marriage and is hoping they legalize it ASAP! SOAK released a new album in June and since have the Churches and the Lumineers. The link of the full interview is below, and it’s worth a listen.

Joy Oladokun

Joy joined Jesse to chat about the writer’s round she played at Bonnaroo. According to Joy, the crowd had high energy! She mentioned that the Bonnaroo fan is her favorite because she feels as if the attendees are down to listen to music in any shape or form. Jesse interviews Joy about her new single “Blame” and found out that the fun, upbeat song is about her love life. Joy loves to be very honest in her songs, and she said, “life is more enjoyable when you can be open and honest.” The rest of Joy’s summer will be filled with taking naps and throwing a Stranger Things themed July 4th party. Click to the link below to hear the full interview with Joy below.

Rival Sons

Annie had the opportunity to chat with Jay from Rival Sons before their first ever Bonnaroo performance. Rival Sons just recently released the album, Farel Roots, and then took off to tour in Europe, Canada, the United States, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Jay mentioned that France is his favorite country to play in because they “appreciate the arts in a different way”. Farel Roots, in Jay’s opinion, is a little more folk than Rival Sons’ previous records with a lot more mountain and woods elements. Jay stated that the album is a “hybrid sense of what rock and roll is”. To hear more from Jay about their touring experiences listen to the full interview below.

Jared & The Mill

Annie of Lightning 100, interviewed Jared of Jared & The Mill to discuss their tour, what it was like starting as an independent band, and how important their fans are too them. Jared & The Mill have been on the road since February. Jared has plans to stay in Nashville after their tour to do some songwriting. When the band first started touring on their own, and they had no team in their corner. They would go to cities several days early to pass out flyers to try and get people to go to their shows. Jared mentioned how important human connection is especially when trying to get people to come to your shows. As Jared sees it, you should “make friends before fans because friends generate fans.” Be sure to check out the full interview below to hear more from Jared and learn about his Eagle Scout skills.