Hippo Campus at Bonnaroo


Written By: Delaney Fanning

Jake Luppen visited our Plaza 7 studio to talk with Annie before he took the Bonnaroo stage with Hippo Campus last Saturday. Lightning 100 feels special that he rolled in straight from Amsterdam to talk with us about his big plans for the summer, his involvement with feminist organizations, and more.

Hippo Campus is no stranger to Bonnaroo, but this year is extra special because in the past 2 years they have had a few major upgrades. Not only do they have an additional album of great material to perform live, but they also got upgraded from a tent performance to the Which Stage. Jake admits to us, “this is the first time we’re at a festival with a bus, so we are very excited about that.” How luxurious.

Aside from Bonnaroo, Hippo Campus is staying busy throughout this summer festival season. They just returned from Pink Pop festival in the Netherlands. Jake reminisces, “it’s like the best place in the world.” He then continues, “everyone is stoned, and you might get hit by a bike if you’re not careful.” He continue to describe their experiences in Amsterdam before returning to the topic of touring.

“We’re headed out on tour with the Head and the Heart here pretty soon, it should be awesome,” Jake is looking forward to playing shows at Red Rocks and other prominent venues across America this summer. They will also be playing festivals like Austin City Limits, Voodoo, and Hinterland.

Seeing this 5-piece perform is a unique experience with each show. As Jake explains, “we change the set a lot and just have it be a fresh thing. So that keeps us on our toes and makes it more exciting for us.”

Additionally, fans feel good about buying tickets to their shows, because they know they’re supporting a great group of people. This band is known to partner with key feminist organizations on tour to benefit Planned Parenthood and the #MeToo movement. Jake comments, “A lot of our fans are younger female fans, so we try and partner with organizations that can help them and we can be passionate about.” Lightning 100 loves to celebrate bands like this one to encourage a community of acceptance and inclusivity.


To learn about tour their bus etiquette, Jake’s festival tips, and bougie life on-the-road, listen to the full interview below! You can also hear more Bonnaroo coverage on our website.