Hangout Festival 2016 Kickoff Day!


IMG_1455Hey there, from the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama! It’s Jessica from Lightning 100 here to tell you all about this year’s Hangout Music Festival!

The festival kicked off Thursday and it couldn’t have been a nicer day! I set out to check out all the hot spots of the festival, caught a few shows, and even discovered some new artists for my playlist. Some of the great stuff they have down here includes a place to relax, put your feet up, and hangout at the hammock beach. They also have the Sour Punch Dodge & Jump obstacle course for your competitive side, along with The Big Tap, which is carnival style area with carnival games, a Ferris wheel, and the Big Drop Coaster. One of my favorite things here is all of the artwork around the stages, just gives it that little extra something.

Getting the music started Thursday evening was Nashville’s own Moon Taxi returning as People of the Sun to play their favorite Rage Against the Machine songs! They’ll play a set of their own tunes on Friday!  There are tons of shows going on Friday and I hope to catch some Lightning 100 favorites like Jason Isbell and Alabama Shakes. Keep checking Lightning 100’s Facebook and Twitter for updates, artist interviews and photos from the Hangout Festival.