Briston Maroney Live In-Studio


Briston Maroney stopped by our studio on June 21st with his acoustic guitar the day before his debut for Musicians Corner. He comments to Casey, “It’s weird. That’s what I did when I first came to Nashville; like, go to Musicians Corner, go to Live on the Green, go to these venues we’re getting ready to play.” In the interview, he continues to share the humbling feeling he gets through these opportunities that keep finding him.

It’s no wonder his music career is exploding right now. Briston and his best friends have been non-stop touring around the world with amazing acts like Wallows, Vacation Manor, and Liz Cooper. He keeps his new audience engaged as well. Not only did he just announce a 20+ city headlining tour, he also released a brand-new-on-brand EP, Indiana.

While in-studio, he talks about Indiana, and the dark & tragic circumstances surrounding its origin. Which, by the way, was not in Indiana. This project was tracked in Franklin, KY in an odd-picturesque (and possibly haunted) place called Thunder Sound. He goes into further detail about their recent loss and the mythical Thunder-cat on-air with Casey.

Before leaving, and before the severe weather warning was issued for Nashville, Briston was able to perform 2 songs off his EP: “Caroline” and a slightly edited version of “Fools Gold.”

As Briston plays for our audience, Casey can’t help but compliment his performance, “I dig you on stage!” He recalls seeing him perform at Exit/In alongside another name on our LOTG lineup, Lucie Silvas. Casey nearly fangirls, “he had green hair, and he was wearing this orange shag carpet jacket and it was awesome.”

Don’t take his word for it! Listen to Briston Maroney’s exclusive acoustic performance below. And if you missed his set at Musicians Corner, be sure to catch him at our very own Live On The Green on August 29th for free! You can purchase VIP access here.

Written By: Delaney Fanning