LOTG Interview: Grace Potter, Bailen


Grace Potter stops by backstage after her “sweltering” soundcheck to chat with us about her new album “Daylight” and why the new record is so special to her. She talks about her upcoming tour plans, getting back on the road after getting married and having a kid, and going on a rock and roll cruise with Jon Bon Jovi!

Grace Potter Performing Saturday night at Live on the Green
Grace Potter reveals details about new album “Daylight” and the cathartic experience of playing new music.

NYC residents and siblings, Bailen, stop by our outdoor studio before taking the Main Stage to share their thoughts on living in New York, and their debut album entitled “Thrilled To Be Here”. They describe releasing the album as “releasing a child into the world that you want everyone to love and cherish.” And don’t worry, we’re still confused about what a “chopped cheese” is too.

Bailen share their thoughts on living NYC and their upcoming tour!

Written by: Geoffrey Paz and Molly Lyon