#LOTG2019 Week 2 Interviews with JOHNNYSWIM, Mat Kearney, and Amanda Shires [audio]


Fans came out for another beautiful Thursday night as Will Hoge, Amanda Shires, Mat Kearney, and JOHNNYSWIM took the stage for second week of Live On The Green 2019! Listen to some interviews with the artists and check out this weekend’s lineup! #LOTG2019 continues this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!

JOHNNYSWIM member Abner Ramirez recalls being introduced to partner Amanda Sudano, coincidentally by former roommate Mat Kearney!
Performing for the city he grew up in, Mat Kearney feels the pressure before taking the stage.
Leader of the Amanda Shires Musical Exposition of Rock and Roll encourages everyone to show off their “inhumane” dance moves.
Amanda may have pulled ahead by just 3 votes, but we all really won this contest, right?

Written By: Grace Riordan


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