Who Are the Play at Pilgrimage 2019 Finalists?


For five weeks Lightning 100 and Miller Lite have hosted twenty-five of Nashville’s best local talent at Play at Pilgrimage! Five groups are heading into the final showcase on Wednesday, August 7th, and they wouldn’t have gotten there without your audience vote. Meet the bands competing for a spot to play the 2019 Pilgrimage Music and Culture Festival.

7/3- Jenny Teator


Jenny Teator kicked off the series of shows with a killer set that packed The 5 Spot! Originally from St. Louis, she made the move to Nashville as a singer and guitar player and has found great success in Music City. With a strong fan base and the incredible talent to back it up, world-wide reviews have described her sound as “…The Black Keys meets Demi Lovato”. Teator released her first single, “Surrender” on January 18th, and it has already seen over 90,000 listens online, and attendees at The Five Spot were graced with a live performance! Learn more about Jenny Teator and get ready for her set at the final showcase

7/10- Bre Kennedy


Bre Kennedy kept the party going in week two of Lightning 100 and Miller Lite’s Play at Pilgrimage 2019. Bre got her start in Los Angeles before relocating to Nashville in 2015. Since arriving in Nash Vegas, Bre has been busy putting out killer music, ranging from edge pop to intimate acoustic sets featuring her vintage Gibson! Dropping singles like “One Way” and “Slippin” all year, Bre is set to release her EP Jealous of Birds later this summer. You can join her to celebrate the release, with more information here!

7/17- Sweet Fever


Reminiscent of rock greats like Aerosmith and even more modern rock acts like Kings of Leon, Nashville’s Sweet Fever brought down the house at the Play at Pilgrimage mid-point. These guys made it big, as the American finalist in the global Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands earlier this summer! “Roll On” is the latest single from Sweet Fever’s Heat Wave EP, and it is sure to impress. According to their instagram, Sweet Fever is currently recording a new album. Here’s to hoping we get some more music from this stellar Nashville group!

7/24- Parrotfish


Week four of Play at Pilgrimage was the closest match to date, with the winner coming down to audience vote! Parrotfish won the night with a set that packed The 5 Spot to capacity. The four Florida boys have been best friends ever since their Tampa days, and are now local legends. Relocating to Nashville to attend Belmont, the band’s fellow students love their sound, stage energy, and quirky instagram antics. Parrotfish is no stranger to Lightning 100, with their song “Needy Boy” being featured on the615 twice!

7/31- Farewell Company


The party didn’t stop on our last week of preliminary shows! Farewell Company brought down the house and won the final round of Play at Pilgrimage qualifiers. The group formed in Nashville in 2017, as a mix of family members and friends came together and ultimately cranked out a first LP Waiting on Anything in just 3 days! The soulful rock-n-roll quartet’s newest single “Shadows” is streaming now, and we hope to see it live this Wednesday at the Play at Pilgrimage final showcase…


Join us this Wednesday, August 7th, at The 5 Spot in East Nashville to pick the Nashville band heading to Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival. Doors open at 8pm and the music starts at 8:30pm, be there to cast your vote!

Written by Rachel Weaver