Indie Underground Hour (5/7/18)


This week on the Indie Underground Hour Doyle brings fresh tracks from Hop Along and Middle Kids. Kacey Musgraves took back the number one selling record spot at Grimey’s this week so you’ll also hear a song from her album Golden Hour. Listen to the Indie Underground Hour every Monday night at 9pm and hear this week’s episode below.

  • Shiny One by Belly
  • The Right Thing by David Byrne
  • Florence- Jean by Damien Jurado
  • Minefield by Richard Edwards
  • Not for Me by Forth Wanderers
  • Prior Things by Hop Along
  • Lonely Weekend by Kacey Musgraves
  • Don’t Step Away by Kelly Willis
  • Beverly by Low Cut Connie
  • On My Knees by Middle Kids
  • We Can Make It If We Try by The Sylvers
  • Miracles by Jackson Sisters
  • Help Me, Mary by Liz Phair