Intern Picks of the Week 3/2/20


We’re back for this week’s Intern Picks! Tune in every week for updates on what Lightning 100’s interns are listening to!

Erin’s Pick

Beach Bunny – Dream Boy

Beach Bunny is one of many artists who have been launched to success through this generation’s most popular app, TikTok: an app that is quickly changing how indie artists are discovered. Users of this app have probably heard Beach Bunny’s hit song, “Prom Queen”. On February 14th, Beach Bunny released their first full length album, “Honeymoon”. An album that explores the honeymoon phase of a relationship, the good and the bad. In “Dream Boy”, they stick to their roots of bedroom pop with a hint of emo revival, combining dreamy guitar with Lili Trifilio’s straightforward voice singing lovestruck lyrics. For lovers of dream pop and bands associated with moms like Soccer Mommy and Adult Mom and for another TikTok famous band, Mom Jeans.

Beach Bunny has already sold out their April 30th show at The High Watt. But if you’re heading to Shaky Knees, you’re in luck and can catch them there!

Joe’s Pick

The Wood Brothers – Cry Over Nothing

Joe the intern here! My intern pick of the week is the song “Cry Over Nothing” by The Wood Brothers. Their new album “Kingdom in my Mind” was recorded here in Nashville, and this song displays the tight harmonies and superb instrumentation that makes the trio so iconic. The new album teeters from raw and organic to sensitive and meditative effortlessly — give it a listen! The band is currently on tour, and just played at Grimey’s on Monday!

The Wood Brothers live in-studio at Lightning 100

Chloe’s Pick

Ax and The Hatchetmen – Peach Trees

Hello, Chloe here. This week, I’m picking “Peach Trees” by Ax and The Hatchetmen. This feel good tune is short and catchy with a groovy instrumental that makes you want to replay the song over and over again. This group consists of eight high schoolers based out of the Chicagoland area. The band is set to release an EP this spring. Classifying their genre as ‘quasi-pop,’ their sound features elements of indie/alternative, rock, jazz, pop, and blues. It’s a lot of things – in fact it’s just about everything but boring.

Check back next week to see what Lightning 100’s interns are listening to!