Eric Slick “Lose Our Minds” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

Eric Slick Lose Our Minds

Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Lose Our Minds” by Eric Slick! This is the first single off Slick’s newest LP New Age Rage, set to release on April 26.

Nashville-based musician Eric Slick is well-known as the drummer of indie-rock band Dr. Dog. Slick has also played on records for artists like Taylor Swift, Ruston Kelly, The War On Drugs, and Daniel Rossen.

Slick recently announced the release of New Age Rage, his latest solo record since 2020. New Age Rage describes Slick’s anxieties about the increasing dominance of technology, fears about a dystopian future, and his experiences on the road.

Produced by Andy Molholt, New Age Rage is a progression of Slick’s 70s-inspired LP Wiseacre, transitioning into bold, glitchy synth-pop. 

Slick considers “Lose Our Minds” the “manifesto” of New Age Rage. The track features provocative distortion, robotic ambiance, and tight bass lines.

Jangly synths cut through the arrangement with clear Talking Heads influence. Slick sings about shedding toxic behaviors and embracing inner flaws. The choruses’ anthemic melody is insanely catchy. An explosion of voices joins Slick’s smooth vocals as he sings “Let’s lose our minds for one more night.” 

If you’ve been looking for a funky new track with an irresistible groove, then you won’t want to miss out on “Lose Our Minds.” 

Listen to “Lose Our Minds” below!

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