Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week – MGMT “Mother Nature”

Mother Nature MGMT

This week Jayson’s DJ Pick is “Mother Nature” from the American rock band MGMT. The band formed in 2002 while attending Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. In 2007, MGMT released their debut album “Oracular Spectacular,” which catapulted their successful career. Since then, the band received multiple Grammy nominations and are known for influencing the neo-psychadelic genre.

Releasing new music after 3 years influenced a whole new sound. In their latest release “Mother Nature,” the band compares their music career to mother nature. They reference this in the lyrics, “I torched the fields again, and killed an honest man, now I understand mother nature.” The track expresses the feeling of acceptance around change. The song has a serene pop melody that has elaborate instrumentation. The overall calm feeling of the song is perfect to walk around to and accept the wonderful change in your own life. 

Check out “Mother Nature” by MGMT below:

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