The Cold Stares — “In the Night Time”: DJ Pick of the Week


Rock and roll duo The Cold Stares dropped “In the Nighttime” earlier this year. The song came out ahead of their upcoming album Heavy Shoes, out August 13th via Mascot Records. Known for their mix of gritty rock & smooth blues, the group tells the story of the rhythmic beat of the nighttime and the different world that emerges during it. “In The Nighttime” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Singer-guitarist Chris Tapp says the haunted setting is based on St Augustine, Florida. “The whole city is a graveyard,” he told American Blues Scene. “When you’re walking the streets, it’s like you’re walking on the graves. I was visualizing walking late at night, with things in the shadows coming alive, and it’s joyous.” With the song’s southern gothic feel, it’s easy to become submerged into the haunted world Tapp describes.

Heavy Shoes, the album which features “In the Nighttime,” was recorded almost entirely at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis. The song’s sound takes after the many years of blues history the city has seen — most notably with its heavy guitar and soulful vocals. 

The music video for the song is Halloween-worthy with all of its supernatural elements. It features the journey of a meandering skeleton as it navigates the nighttime cityscape. In the end, the band plays on an old television in front of a retro, swirling background. It’s straight out of the Twilight Zone. Check it out here! 

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