Big Head Todd & the Monsters “Her Way Out” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Her Way Out” by Big Head Todd & the Monsters!

Big Head Todd & the Monsters have released music consistently since the 90s. Influenced by country, blues, hard-rock, and soul, Big Head Todd & the Monsters have a knack for maintaining a steady audience and meeting listeners right where they are.

The band has big plans for 2024. They recently embarked on a U.S. winter tour, and they plan to release their 12th full-length album in the spring.

Their latest single, “Her Way Out,” gives an exciting glimpse into what’s to come. 

Harnessing rock ‘n’ roll greats like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, “Her Way Out” is naturally anthemic. The track’s palpable energy is catapulted by jangly guitar riffs and up-tempo percussion. Warm, organic instrumentation complements Todd Park Mohr’s soulful vocals.

Lyrically, “Her Way Out” expresses that trust is fragile, yet precious if maintained. Mohr laments the loss of a lover as he cries “She found her way out and not with me.” This loss is embodied through Mohr’s expressive vocal rasp.

While mourning a prior relationship, “Her Way Out” also turns its face toward a new beginning. In the last chorus, Mohr proclaims “I found my way out and it was you.” 

“Her Way Out” is the toe-tapping, genre-bending anthem that we can’t get enough of.

Listen to “Her Way Out” below!

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