Goose – “Hungersite”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Hungersite” by Goose! “Hungersite” appears on the band’s most anticipated record, Dripfield, which came out in June of 2022. Initially from the small town of Norwalk, CT. the band’s consistent creative output has made a nationwide ascent since their debut back in 2016. The five-piece often reaches toward an indie-groove sound similar to jam bands such as Phish and Umphrey’s McGee. As the band’s first full-length project, Dripfield was born through an entirely new recording process. Encapsulating themes of introspection and balance, the project aims to detail the group’s journey and set the course for what’s ahead.

“Hungersite” is a fresh tune blooming in both guitar and vocal harmonies that are rooted by a light yet orienting groove. The timeless melody is a refreshing blend for the classic or alternative rock listener. The piece sews together a message challenging empathy and self awareness. In the contemplative track they come to acknowledge “how we may or may not be living up to the ideals to which we speak” says lead singer and guitarist Rick Mitarotonda. The chorus supports this notion with thoughtful lyrics, “Is it time to shed our weapons yet my friend? Is it love we’ve drawn away in our desperate low? Can we step out of the wreckage yet my friend?”

The American indie-groove band will play the Ryman two nights this spring.

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