Imogen Clark “Sebastian” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Sebastian” by Imogen Clark!

Imogen Clark is an Australian artist, who got her start in music early. By the age of twelve, she was already a trained opera singer and trained on guitar and piano. Taking inspiration from her father’s music and meshing it with her inspiration, Clark has created a unique style for herself. Her early career involved playing Sydney’s west bar scene to master the art of live performances.

Many know Imogen from her two acclaimed EPs, “The Making of Me” and the 2021 AIR-nominated “Bastards”. Since then, Clark has released several singles in anticipation of her recent album “The Art of Getting Through”. This new album involved a musical pilgrimage across the world. Songs were recorded at Abbey Road in London, East West in L.A., and Nashville’s own legendary Phenix studio.

This new album is a vulnerable look into the struggle of finding yourself again after a catastrophe. The themes of this album revolve around self-image, loss, and relationships with food. This lyrical style contrasts with the funky and bright instrumental of the album. Melodic electric guitar, lively drums and brass, and dreamy synths and chimes.

“Sebastian” is a daydreamer anthem, exploring the emotional turmoil of “being too late” for love. The ending of the song concludes, “Sebastian, why can’t I do this magic / Breakin’ me in two / I can’t shake the feeling that I’m cursed / I just wished that I had met you first”. She is not blaming herself or the other person, but rather the cruel passing of time.

Clark will be visiting from the other side of the pond this month to promote her album. Get tickets to see her live and in person at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge on June 25th.

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