Seratones – “Good Day”: DJ Pick of the Week

The Seratones

Keith’s DJ Pick this week is “Good Day” by Seratones! Seratones is a funk-soul rock group from Shreveport, Louisiana. They serve up a combination of Southern musicality, garage rock ferocity, and general awesomeness. This incredible band came to be in 2013 because of their shared history in the Shreveport, LA music scene. Since then, they have continued to grow in popularity. They released another album in 2019, and are now preparing for their third.

Love & Algorhythms is due for release on April 22nd, 2022. On said album, lead singer A.J. Haynes foregrounds the joyful struggle to find pleasure in a world designed to destroy you. “This is a protest album built on the form of protest I’m most interested in at this moment: getting present and sitting through difficult things with abundant joy,” Haynes says. “Good Day” is the lead single off of the forthcoming album.

Producer Paul Butler played a key role in the creation of this project, proving to be the perfect complement for Haynes’ interest in astrology, divination, and manifestation practices. Markedly, each song on the album aligns with a different cosmic element. Um, how cool is that? “‘Good Day’ is Mars, the planet of urgent sex, hence the demanding tone: turn off your phone and get present, turn me on, get out of the cerebral and into your body,” Haynes says. “These drums can also be a warning—that we are willing to fight to protect what is worth saving, to love our community fiercely. When I was tracking vocals for the bridge, I sang so hard that I got a headache!”

Their ferocious passion and love for their craft and community makes Seratones a very easy band to love. However, if you still need another reason, one listen to “Good Day” makes it clear that their talent transcends any and all expectations. In addition, the music video for this song captures the lyrical essence perfectly. You can watch that video here:

Tune into 100.1 FM or to hear “Good Day” by Seratones as Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Tweet at us with #L100DJPick and share your take on the track.


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