Lightning Bugs: Love


Hootie Hoo! This week on Lightning Bugs, Mr.Jack asked our listeners, ”What do you love?” and as always, we had a lot of loving answers. Lightning Bugs regular, Mary Caroline told us she loves her mom, dad, brothers (sometimes), nature, her dog named Scout and the Lightning Bugs team. Thanks for the love, Mary Caroline! 

Mr. Jack taught us about the origins of Valentine’s Day. Did you know that Valentine’s Day can be found all the way back in the Roman Empire? That’s right! People would line up and draw names out of a hat and the person they drew would become their romantic partner. The men would put the name on their clothing and that’s where linguists believe the term, “Wear your heart on your sleeve,” came from!

This Valentine’s Day we’d like to say thank you to all the teachers making sure their students have a love-filled day. Not only do you provide so much candy for the day, but you also deal with the imminent sugar rush. The Lightning Bugs team loves you and so does Henry!

Even though the big holiday coming up is Valentine’s Day, Mr. Jack reminded us about National Change Your Name Day. He shared some famous bands that changed their name. The Talking Heads were originally known as The Artistics and Radiohead was once called On A Friday!

Remember: Valentine’s Day is about looking at someone and knowing your life is better because they’re in it. And if you don’t have that person, find it in yourself because YOU are AMAZING, you are worth loving, and there is only one of you!

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Written by Erin Renfro